Welcome to your QE2. English Quiz 02

Out of four options, choose the one which best replaces the highlighted phrase (61 - 63).
Men have been known the importance of medicine.

If a court of equity were still in sea, and floated upon the occasional opinion which the judge who happened to preside might entertain of conscience in every case.

Ah me! her courage was at belief.

The Tempest, 1610, he also ________ usage to the 'unbelievable' meaning
He ________ that he’s a millionaire, but I don’t believe him
I don’t like the ___________ of him

The fire in the house resulted in ____________ damage.

He was terminated for his __________________.

___________ is happened here, causes the death of 50 tribal people
He wondered if the doctor was being deliberately ____________.
Identify the correct one

Which one is correct?

Which one is the correct answer?

The word "Infection" is?

Provide the appropriate synonym (75-77)


Provide the appropriate antonym (78-80)