Welcome to your QA1. Analytical Ability Quiz 01

What will be the next number in the series? 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 25……

A club is not possible without

P is the father of Q but Q is the not son of P. What is the relationship between Q and P?
While shopping, Nazrul met his father-in-law’s only daughter’s mother-in-law’s daughter. What relation was this person to Nazrul?
After five years, Kamal will be ten years older than Alam. Find the difference between their ages at present.
The ice compartment in a refrigerator is 10 inches deep, 5 inches height and 4 inches wide. How many ice cubes will it hold if each cube is 2 inches on an edge?
An insect starts climbing a wall 7 ft high at 9 A.M. Every minute it ascends one foot but descends 6 inches. At what time will it reach the top?