Welcome to your Monthly Test on Current Affairs

1. 2. National Historic Day in Bangladesh is--Deselect Answer
2. Total number of Financial Institution in BangladeshDeselect Answer
3. Total number of infectious diseases declared by the Govt. of BangladeshDeselect Answer
4. Budget 2020-2021 isDeselect Answer
5. 32nd Summer Olympic will be held in which city?Deselect Answer
6. No. 1 expensive city in the world according to Mercer in 2020 isDeselect Answer
7. Total number of member NATO--Deselect Answer
8. Virtual Court started its operation in Bangladesh—Deselect Answer
9. In 2019 which country in top position in the form of investment in Bangladesh?Deselect Answer
10. International year for the Elimination of Child Labor---Deselect Answer
11. ‘’Black Live Matter’’ related with---Deselect Answer
12. In March 2020 which disease declared as infectious diseases by the govt. of Bangladesh?Deselect Answer
13. Sheikh Hasina Cantonment is located at—Deselect Answer
14. The National Jute Day is on—Deselect Answer
15. Total number of goals to achieve SDG is—Deselect Answer
16. ‘’Operation Warp Speed’’ ----Deselect Answer
17. Which country holds the top position for the production of solar energy?Deselect Answer
18. Super Cyclone Ampan Strike on—Deselect Answer
19. Ground Zero is situated in—Deselect Answer
20. The first player to score 10,000 runs in T-20 Cricket—Deselect Answer