Welcome to your QM1. Math Quiz 01

The price of a front circle seat in a cinema hall is 1/3 the price of a near circle seat. The cinema has these two types of seat. When completely sold out, the total receipts from the 600 rear circle seats and the 450 front circle seat are TK 4500. What is the price of rear circle seat?
By how much is 3/7 larger than 20% of 2?
A rectangular area of 16 meters by 12 meters, is surrounded by a road 3 meters wide. The area of the road Is,
B and C are points on a straight-line AD, where AB = BC = C(D) What percent of AC and AD?
A box contains 24 balls, some red and some black. Each of the following could be the ratio of red to black balls except...
How many positive integers less than 20 are equal to the sum of a positive multiple of 3 and positive multiple of 4?
If one number exceeds another number by 13 and the larger number is 3/2 times the smaller number, then the smaller number is,
If ½ of a number is 3 less than ¾ of the number, what is that number?
In a room, all except 18 of the people are above 50 years of age. If 15 of the people in the room are under 50 years of age, how many people are in the room?
If the radius of a cylinder is tripled while its height is halved, its volume will be,
If the average of 5, 9, k and m is 12, what is the average of k + 7 and m-3?
If x+y=z and x and y are positive, then which of the following statements can be inferred?
      1. x<y    2. x<z    3. x<2z
A parking garage rents parking spaces for take 100 per week or take 300 per month. How much does a person save in a year by renting by the month rather than by the week?
A two-digit number has 3 in its unit digit. The sum of its digits is one seventh of the number itself. What is the number?
Danesh and Sham, who live 10 miles apart, meet at a café that is directly north of Danesh’s house and directly east of Sham’s house. If the café is 2 miles closer to Danesh’s house than to Sham’s house, how many miles is the café from Sham’s house?
Half the difference between two numbers is 2. The sum of the greater number and twice the smaller number is 13. Find the smaller number.
Six men can complete a work in 5 days if they work for 8 hours per day. How many days will 4 men take to do the same work if they work only 5 hours per day?
The present ages of A and B are in the ratio of 6:4. Five years ago their ages were in the ratio of 5:3. How old is A now?
How many liters of water should be added to a 30 liter mixture of milk and water containing milk and water In the ratio of 7:3 such that the resultant mixture has 40% water in it?
Find the range of real values of x satisfying the inequalities 3x-2>7 and 4x-13>15.