Welcome to your GK- Current Affairs October 2020

1. Who is the present chairman of BPSC --
2. Designation of the chief of BRiCM is --
3. Total Number of river port in BD is --
4. Which river will be announced as Bangabandhu Matswa Heritage?
5. Total number of private university in Bangladesh is --
6. In where Sheikh Hasina Medical University will be established? --
7. Which country hold the first position in United Nations Peace Keeping Mission --
8. Till now how many arab country recognized Israil --
9. where CHABAHAR port situated--
10. Present prime minister of Japan is --
11. Country recently entered in Hypersonic era--
12. The word SUKUK comes from --
13. 5th Summit of BIMSTEC will be held in which country?
14. Who is the current president of UN General Assembly?
15. Who is the current secretary general of BIMSTEC--
16. BD hold the position in Human Development Index in 2020 is--
17. Author of the book A Promised Land is--
18. Language of Truth--
19. Who won International Buker in 2020--
20. Present Literacy rate in BD --