Welcome to your QE1. English Quiz 01

Most students like to read these kinds of books during the holidays.
Given the risky nature of agriculture production, farmers are anxious to access to a range of potential source of finance even at high cost.
Which one is not a singular number?
Which of the following is not an adjective?
The problem facing most tourists is ____ among so many possibilities.
Wait ____ I come.
It is _____ rather than moderate inflation that distorts prices and sends economics tumbling.
The division of this property was a sequel _____the agreement.
Did you really do it ____ or did someone help you?
our country has earned its ____ in 1971.
Choose the correct sentence:
Which sentence is correct?
Do you like my dress? I __ especially for the wedding.
This is the person ___ came last week.
Manzur with ____i work helped me.
we like people ___ speak ___ truth.
Overindulgence ____ Character as well as physical stamina
The court is adjourned today. It will ____ cartoon on TV.
Salman completed ____ the report on the share market last Monday.
It was expected that ____ his plane landed, his fans ____ mad with excitement.