Eclectic Education is a platform for the students and career oriented people who want to step to the next ladder of success. The motto is to create a friendly environment for a significant breakthrough in your esteemed career life. Here, we strive for bringing excellence through our experience for making an appropriate marriage between academic education and career life in every step of your valuable time.



Get the Ultimate Preparation for Bank Job, MBA (IBA), EMBA, GREE, IELTS, Focus Writing & Math for Aptitute Test.

1. Bank Job Recruitment Test Preparatory Program
2. MBA & MBM Admission Test Preparatory Program
3. Mathematics for Aptitude Tests
4. Mock Tests & Solve Classes for MBA & MBM Admission Test
5. Mock Tests & Solve Classes for Bank Job Recruitment Exam
6. Career Counselling

Why most of the candidates fail to achieve the long cherished dream?

Every year some excellent candidates who can definitely reach their goals are unable to do so just simply because of their wrong approach of appearing for the MBA Admission test or Bank Recruitment Tests or standardized test (GRE or IELTS). One of the significant limitations they frequently face is time management during the exam.

The question that appears on the exam is such that anyone who has some basic foundation can easily solve that question if he/she is given 4 to 5 hours. Basically question answering technique, equal-weight to each section, solve-easy-question first etc. define whether he or she is going to succeed or not.

 In addition to that, a candidate can smartly get prepared for the Admission Test/Bank Recruitment test of all institutions at the same time if he/she gets prepared for MBA (IBA), DU, EMBA (DU), and Bangladesh Bank (AD). This is very possible because the question pattern of these institutions is highly similar. For GRE and IELTS, we have experienced instructors who helps students to reach their target score.


The greatest limitation a candidate usually faces is the lack of basic knowledge. Mere cramming of some rules and techniques can  in no way ensure the success in an admission test and this technique frequently makes the candidates puzzled during exam time because the real time question can never be answered based on such limited knowledge and preparation. We, the Eclectic Education, ensure that the candidates have adequate basic knowledge first.

Furthermore, most of the candidates emphasize on the MCQ only. This is where the major problem arises. A candidate is predicted to surely get chance as and when he/she ensures that he has taken preparation not only for MCQ but also for Written & Viva-voce. This is where Eclectic Education is absolutely different and trying to make each and every candidate fit for all areas (MCQ, Written & Viva-voce) is its main motto.

Eclectic Education designs the required materials in such a way that a candidate can easily prepare him/her from Basic Level to Advance Level with the help of our most experienced instructors.


  • Highly Skilled & Talented Instructors
  • Relevant Lecture Sheets
  • Proper Guidence
  • Regular Homework
  • Improvement Assesment
  • Interactive Session
  • Group Study
  • Friendly Environment
  • AC Classroom
  • Participative Feedback
  • Flexible Learning
  • Individual Problem Discussion
  • Limited Number of Seats per Group